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The Hatchwell Company Ltd was established in 1933 in Preston to supply a liquid which softened hen eggs. The chicks could easily peck their way through the egg shell after it was softened, thus they would ‘Hatch well’!

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Our Aims

Since then many more products have been added to the range, including a wide array of dog, cat, small animal, equestrian and bird products. The majority of products are currently manufactured in the UK and are therefore of the highest quality.

It is our aim to produce quality treats, accessories and healthcare products to enhance the quality of every pet’s life. Hatchwells pet products – for health, for fitness, for fun.

As part of our repertoire, we can also supply products as own label ranges.

Great product brands include:


Who we are

Meet the team

Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor

Managing Director

Dave took over the business from his father Stan Taylor. Dave has one dog called Fuzzy and is a keen motorcycle enthusiast.

Diane Thompson

Diane Thompson

Customer Services

A long service employee who is a loving Grandma. Diane owns two cats, two dogs, and also has an allotment for chickens.

“Hatchwells providing pet products – for health, for fitness, for fun since 1933”.