Small Animals Products

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  • 326

    Cascade Odour Killer, 500ml

    Specially designed to destroy bacteria that cause offensive animal smells. Use at home or in the car to deal with animal accidents or airbourne odours.

  • 322

    Cascade Small Animal Disinfectant, 500ml

    Cleaning Disinfectant that kills bacteria and viruses suitable for small animals bedding, feeding bowls, carpets, hutches and cages. Does not contain any harmful phenols.

  • 626

    Easi-Flow Water Fountain

    Suitable as a water fountain for small animals and birds, and also for bird seed. Suitable for most cage sizes.

    Special adaptors allow for use in glass tanks, vivariums and aquariums.

  • 633

    Hedgehog Food or Water Bowl

    The Hatchwell company are delighted to launch a bowl specifically designed for hedgehogs.

    It’s the perfect height and is sturdy and tough – suitable for all weather conditions.

    Leave in a quiet area of the garden and fill with good quality hedgehog food each evening. Always ensure there is fresh water available as hedgehogs are often dehydrated.

    Perfect height for hedgehogs
    Suitable for food or water
    Sturdy and tough
    Fully recyclable
    Made in UK

  • 909

    Nesting Material

    A safe and cosy nesting material, made from natural sources, for birds to use as nesting materials.

    Also suitable for small animals to bed down in.

  • 192

    Small Animal Easter Egg

    Tasty dandelion leaf flavour Easter Egg specially made for your small animals.

    Suitable for most small animals apart from ferrets.

    Free from cocoa, wheat and gluten

  • 611-612

    Small Animal Pots

    High impact polystyrene bowls suitable for foods and water.

    Available in 2”, 3” & 5” diameter (5.1cm, 7.6cm, 12.7cm)

  • 116new

    Small Animal Yoghurt Advent Calendar

    An Advent Calendar full of delicious Dandelion Leaf flavour treats suitable for all small animals apart from Ferrets.

    Dairy and sugar free, also free from cocoa, wheat and gluten.