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  • Canovel Calcium Tablets for Cats & Dogs

    A tasty and palatable way to boost your pet’s Calcium, Phosphorus, and Vitamin D3 levels that are essential for healthy growth and strong bones and teeth. Growing dogs and kittens, nursing and pregnant bitches and queens need additional Calcium to maintain normal growth and health and the inclusion of Phosphorus and Vitamin D3 maximises the absorption of Calcium for use in the body.

    The tablets can be given by hand or crumbled and mixed in with food.

    Available in 60 and 180 tablet tubs.

  • Canovel Chicken Home Blitz! Fumigation Twin Pack

    A professional approach to eliminating Poultry Red Mites, Fleas & larvae, House Dust Mites and many other insects in your chicken coop. Easy to use smoke generators that will give you long term control of pests when used in conjunction with Home Blitz! Plus Spray.

  • Canovel Conditioner Tablets for Dogs

    Canovel Conditioning Tablets are the tasty way to keep your pet, breeding, show and working dogs in tip-top condition. They contain a full range of vitamins and minerals including Zinc and Vitamin E and can be used as a daily supplement and as an extra boost for puppies and growing dogs, during pregnancy & lactation, and in illness and stress situations.

    Available in 60 and 180 tablet tubs.

  • Canovel Eye Drops, 10ml

    These soothing eye drops provide a lasting lubricating and moisturising effect on the eye. Suitable for use on dogs, cats, horses, and small animals.

  • Canovel Home Blitz! Fumigation Twin Pack

    A professional approach to killing Fleas & larvae, House Dust Mites and many other insects in the home. One smoke generating canister will treat 30m3 if treating for Fleas, Dust Mites and Bed Bugs; 120m3 for flying insects; and 7.5 m3 for other crawling insects such as Ants and Cockroaches. Follow instructions on the packaging and wear suitable protective clothing. Use in conjunction with Home Blitz! Plus Spray for long term control of pests.

  • Canovel Home Blitz! Plus Spray

    Kill Fleas & larvae, House Dust Mites and many other insects in the home, upholstery and pet bedding with Home Blitz Plus spray. 95% of the fleas’ life cycle is spent in the home and not on your pet so it is essential to eradicate fleas from the home, as well as the pet, for effective flea control. Easy to use and one treatment lasts up to 6 months.

    Available in 400ml and 600ml sizes

  • Mr Miracle’s Tonic, 150ml

    This specially designed tonic formula contains Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthero) that can help to maintain a healthy immune system, reduce stress and anxiety, and to maintain vitality and stamina. It is the natural way to improve the general wellbeing of your dog, cat, horse or small animal.

  • Rock Sulphur

    Used by generations in hot weather as an additive to drinking water for cats, dogs, horses and small animals. May help to keep your pets cooler in hot weather as the natural minerals disperse into the water, and, can also help to improve skin conditions.

  • Seaweed Conditioning Powder

    Seaweed Conditioning Powder contains minerals, amino acids and vitamins in a natural form. Simply sprinkle on your pet’s food to improve the overall health and condition of your pet. This special blend of seaweed is suitable for horses and ponies, dogs, cats, small animals and birds.

    Available in 90g, 400g and 3Kg sizes.