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  • Birthday Cake

    A delicious cereal based crunchy Birthday Cake for dogs. At 10cm diameter this tasty cake is an ideal Birthday treat.

  • Canovel Probiotic Yoghurt Treat Bar for Dogs 50g

    This tasty treat bar contains probiotics that can help boost your pet’s immune system and improve intestinal health.  Feed as instructed on the packaging.

  • Canovel Yoghurt & Cranberry Treat Bar for Dogs, 50g

    Your pet will love this scrumptious treat and cranberries can help with urinary tract health

  • Carob & Peppermint Treat Bar for Horses & Ponies, 50g

    Horses & Ponies will find these treat bars irresistible. Made with carob which is a healthy alternative to chocolate

  • Catnip Mice Treats for Cats

    Your cats will love these delicious catnip and yoghurt flavoured mice.