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    Dentifresh Toothpaste Starter Kit for Kittens & Puppies

    A perfect introduction for your kitten or puppy to tooth brushing. Contains a soft rubber finger toothbrush and a special meat flavour toothpaste that has a non-enzyme formula and contains added Calcium to help form strong teeth and bones.

    Helps to fight plaque and freshen the pet’s breath.

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    Dentifresh Veterinary Toothbrush

    Veterinary Surgeons recommend daily brushing of cats’ and dogs’ teeth.

    This specially designed toothbrush has soft bristles to protect the enamel on the pet’s teeth and is easy and comfortable to use. This toothbrush is a good step up from the finger toothbrush when your pet is accustomed to regular tooth brushing especially when used with Hatchwells dentiFresh Toothpaste.

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    Tooth Whitening Powder, 25g

    For brilliant white teeth, easy to apply, this powder is specially designed for your cat or dog. Apply once daily or for badly stained teeth apply twice a day.