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    Jam Jar Feeder

    Hatchwells Jam Jar Feeder fits a standard size jam jar (8cmx15cm) for easy feeding. Suitable for most cages and aviary birds, made from white durable plastic and easy to clean.

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    Mini Christmas Puddings

    Delicious mini puddings for your dog, to be fed in small pieces as a treat or reward

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    Mr Miracle’s Tonic, 150ml

    This specially designed tonic formula contains Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthero) that can help to maintain a healthy immune system, reduce stress and anxiety, and to maintain vitality and stamina. It is the natural way to improve the general wellbeing of your dog, cat, horse or small animal.

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    Nesting Material

    A safe and cosy nesting material, made from natural sources, for birds to use as nesting materials.

    Also suitable for small animals to bed down in.

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    Hatchwells Perches are a great option to help you customise your bird cage. Made from durable high impact polystyrene, these quality perches can be cut to fit your cage.

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    Puppy Advent Calendar

    Treat your puppy on the countdown to Christmas with these Advent treats made from carob – the dog friendly alternative to chocolate. Added Calcium will help form strong bones and teeth.

    Free from cocoa, wheat and gluten

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    Rock Sulphur

    Used by generations in hot weather as an additive to drinking water for cats, dogs, horses and small animals. May help to keep your pets cooler in hot weather as the natural minerals disperse into the water, and, can also help to improve skin conditions.

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    Round Food Drawers

    A rounded, high impact polystyrene egg drawer with a practical thumb grip for easy transportation. Easy clean plastic for complete hygiene. Size 7cm x 10cm.

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    Santa for horses

    A  tasty carob and peppermint flavour Santa for your horse or pony to enjoy.

    Free from cocoa, wheat and gluten