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  • Seaweed

    Seaweed Conditioning Powder

    Seaweed Conditioning Powder contains minerals, amino acids and vitamins in a natural form. Simply sprinkle on your pet’s food to improve the overall health and condition of your pet. This special blend of seaweed is suitable for horses and ponies, dogs, cats, small animals and birds.

    Available in 90g, 400g and 3Kg sizes.

  • 617

    Seed Hoppers

    A durable, clear plastic Seed Hopper, 7.6cm that is easy to clean. Strong metal hooks attach to the cage to prevent it being dislodged.

    Suitable for most cage sizes and birds such as Canaries and Budgies etc.

  • untitled

    Selection Pack

    Delicious dog treats in a Selection Pack made from dog friendly ingredients.

    Free from cocoa, wheat and gluten

  • 116new

    Small Animal Advent Calendar

    Tasty dandelion leaf flavour Advent Calendar for your small animals to enjoy on the countdown to Christmas.

    Suitable for most small animals apart from ferrets.

    Free from cocoa, wheat and gluten

  • 192

    Small Animal Easter Egg

    Tasty dandelion leaf flavour Easter Egg specially made for your small animals.

    Suitable for most small animals apart from ferrets.

    Free from cocoa, wheat and gluten

  • 611-612

    Small Animal Pots

    High impact polystyrene bowls suitable for foods and water.

    Available in 2”, 3” & 5” diameter (5.1cm, 7.6cm, 12.7cm)

  • 116new

    Small Animal Yoghurt Advent Calendar

    An Advent Calendar full of delicious Dandelion Leaf flavour treats suitable for all small animals apart from Ferrets.

    Dairy and sugar free, also free from cocoa, wheat and gluten.

  • teeth

    Tooth Whitening Powder, 25g

    For brilliant white teeth, easy to apply, this powder is specially designed for your cat or dog. Apply once daily or for badly stained teeth apply twice a day.

  • 511

    Trimmex, 30g

    Trimmex is specially formulated to quickly stop bleeding that can occur during nail and claw clipping. Also great for minor cuts and scratches, and, is suitable for all animals.